International Programs


Early life experiences shape the way we see the world. The Village program creates a safe space for 11-year-olds from up to 12 different countries to come together, learn about each other's lives, and discover how to communicate, cooperate and live together.

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The Village program is designed to start your child on the path to becoming an active global citizen and begin developing the skills that are most sought after in today's world, but often aren't taught through our education system.
These include:
cultural awareness
emotional intelligence
leadership skills


Young people learn when given the chance to lead. The Step Up program encourages young people to take a leading role in planning and organising activities. It provides great opportunities for young people to explore how they can make an impact in their own community by learning how world issues are thought about and dealt with in different countries and cultures.

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The Step Up program is designed to build participants' leadership skills and develop their ability to competently handle responsibility. Your child will develop:
program planning and management skills
public speaking skills
teamwork skills
a global perspective
knowledge of global issues relevant to their generation
problem-solving skills
a global network of friends


Junior Counsellor's (JCs) are present only in the Village program. At 16 or 17, they are able to uniquely relate to both the participants and the adults, and act as a link between them.

JCs are responsible for ensuring all the participants are being included and having fun, and assist in planning and running the program with the adults.

The JC role is the perfect opportunity for young people to build their skills in:
program planning and management
conflict resolution


Exchanging ideas is a powerful tool for global learning. Each Seminar Camp is completely coordinated by the young people participating. They develop their own agenda and explore global issues based on their own backgrounds and interests through activities and in-depth discussions. Seminar Camp’s intensive group-living environment encourages participants to collaborate, and to take a creative approach to problem-solving and resolving differences that can arise from healthy discussions.

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Seminar Camp is designed as an intensive collaborative program which has the effect of rapidly up-skilling participants in:
program management
conflict resolution
complex problem-solving
understanding of current global issues


International People’s Projects are locally run immersive learning programs which actively contribute toward identified needs within a community.

Participants from at least 4 different countries work with a local organisation on a community project, such as combating environmental degradation, support for immigrants, or an arts-based regeneration scheme.

When not working on the project, participants bring knowledge of the chosen theme from their own cultural contexts and take turns leading educational activities.

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A Leader, aged 21 and over, accompanies delegations to Village and Step Up, and help facilitate their local Chapter’s programs. During international programs, Leaders are responsible for ensuring their delegates’ welfare, collaborating with the other Leaders, JCs and Program Staff to plan, implement and facilitate the program, and to communicate with the Chapter and parents back home.

Program Leader is a voluntary role, but CISV Australia ensures our Leaders are not out of pocket for their commitment. This role requires a Working with Children Check (or equivalent certification in your state/territory) and a National Police Check, as well as training provided for free by CISV.

This is the perfect role for anyone trying to bridge that gap between study and work, and/or wanting to build their skills and practical experience in:
program management
emotional intelligence
international community building and development
cultural education